Our Approach

We design a strategic sustainability path for each property based upon its unique asset plan.


We MEASURE our buildings’ energy, waste, water and other emissions using a number of appropriate tracking tools as a fundamental first step to our sustainability program.

Next we employ a variety of sophisticated building analytics to EVALUATE our buildings’ energy use, how our buildings compare and to identify potential inconsistencies and systems upgrade opportunities.

With adequate building data we are able to develop and COMMIT to S.M.A.R.T. energy, water and waste reduction goals that align with each property’s unique asset plan.

With targets set, we actively STRIVE to reduce each building’s environmental footprint and increase its systems’ efficiencies through the pursuit of high-performance building initiatives, always in alignment with each property’s unique capital plan.

Finally, it’s important that we SHARE what we learn to advance knowledge of sustainability best practices across all our Warrington assets and within the communities we impact.

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