Strata Management

WPM’s strata management team is committed to providing strata corporations with stable, effective management with a personal touch. WPM’s proactive approach creates a safe, affordable, environmentally friendly living space for strata owners and tenants. We believe in having direct, open communication with owners, strata councils and residents, prompt and courteous customer service, diligent completion of strata council directives, accurate financial management and professional building management services.
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Strata Forms

For your convenience, Warrington PCI Management offers the eStrataHub electronic document delivery service from Access Point information Canada (APIC) to process requests for strata documents.

Using a credit card:

  1. Go to APIC site at and click the “Go to eStrataHub” link
  2. Click on the Create an Account Tab (registration and activation just takes a few minutes).
  3. After registering with APIC, enter your email address and password and sign in.
  4. Click the “Place a New Order” button and fill in the information.

Using BC OnLine:

  1. Go to the BC OnLine site at and log in. If you do not have an account with BC Online, click the “Register” button.
  2. Log into BC Online and select “eStrataHub” from their menu.
  3. Click the “Place a New Order” Button and fill in the information.

Strata Management Quote Request

Strata Management Quote Request

  • Contact Information

  • Enter the mailing address where we can send the Strata Management Proposal
  • Building Information